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Tips for packing

Packing is one of the most important things to think about when moving or storing as you will find out when you try to find something when unpacking or from your storage unit.

Packing Tips from Staffords Self Storage Wexford Here are some packing and protection tips:

  • Buy plenty of boxes and start packing them as soon as you can.
  • Use the same size boxes for easy stacking, don’t fall into the trap of using boxes from the supermarket, they aren’t strong enough and you risk damaging your goods.
  • List all the items that go into each box as well as labeling it on the box, number the box on all sides and keep this number on the list.
  • Have a copy of the list available when you come to the storage unit and all you have to do is find the box number instead of reading all the contents of every box.
  • Fill all the boxes to the top as partially full boxes will collapse under weight.
  • Seal boxes with packing tape to keep out dust and strengthen.
  • Pack books and other heavy objects in smaller boxes.
  • Books should be packed flat so that the spines don’t break
  • Separate your goods with felt blankets, cardboard or bubble wrap while moving and in storage.
  • Great care should be taken to avoid storing anything that could attract vermin.
  • Food of any kind must not be stored – this includes wheat bags, dried flowers etc.
  • Don’t risk attracting vermin to your unit and compromising the whole facility
  • Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly defrosted, dry and cleaned before storing. Always move and store your fridge in an upright position. Keep fridge and freezer doors slightly ajar and leave a deodorizer inside.
  • We recommend that you visit your unit periodically to check on your goods, we do not have access to your unit, so checking their condition is up to you.

Moving checklist:

Eight to four weeks before the big move:

Moving Home with Staffords Self Storage

  • Decide on a moving date
  • Visit or call Staffords Self Storage to reserve your storage unit
  • Book your free moving trailer if required
  • Book a removalist (ask us for a recommendation)
  • Buy packing supplies (available at our facility)
  • Start packing boxes as soon as possible
  • Sell or discard unwanted items
  • Start to run down food in the freezer and pantry

Four to one week before the move:

  • Continue packing and remember to label each box with contents
  • Make a list of your household contents
  • Advise Insurance company of move and any change in contents value

Day Before:

  • Empty, clean and defrost fridge and freezer, check water trays are empty
  • Disconnect washing machine and let hoses drain
  • Drain garden hoses and store in a clean garbage bin
  • Have everything packed and ready to load

Moving Day:

Helpful Hints from Staffords Self Storage

  • Carry valuables and important documents with you, bank details, passports etc;
  • Have children help out. Keeping them involved makes it easier for them
  • Cover mattresses and sofas with dust protectors
  • Pick up your free trailer if needed (Day before if its available)
  • One last look to make sure you’ve got everything and off you go
  • Don’t forget to lock up


Now all your valuables are safe and sound until you need to pick them up at Staffords Self Storage.

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