Frequently Asked Questions

You hold the key to your unit and therefore only you, or anyone you allow can access your storage unit.  For security reasons we do not hold copies of the key to your unit.

Yes, we accept deliveries for commerical storage.

There are various sizes available depending on the size required, See Unit sizes and prices here

Our self storage facility is open 24/7.

Our facility can be accessed 24/7.

Upon arriving with your belongings, you will be given a pin code and lock to your storage unit. Once you have access to your unit, you can load it up with as many items as you require.

When you move out, you will be expected to clear out your storage unit and hand back the lock given to you on Day 1.

We have a 24/7 CCTV system on site. Each storage unit is protected with a lock and pin code.

Payment can only be made with card.

Payment for your unit must be made monthly in advance.  You can pay direct to our bank, we will provide our bank details on your invoice.  Alternatively you can pay through the website here.

Couldn’t find an answer to your query? You can get in touch with us directly here!

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